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Patrick Rivera is gifted with an artist’s eye. Fueled by his love of portraits, he went to France to study at Spéos Paris Photographic InstituteThis has sharpened his photography skills and has done various exhibits to date. He currently resides in Los Angeles, California.

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Our challenge was to ensure that Patrick’s work is the primary focus of the viewers and potential customers, while creating a logo that conveys his love for photography. All print and social media designs should also highlight his work with details such as typography and elements complimenting the overall look.

“I’m a portrait photographer in general but I also do fitness and fashion as well. My approach to each project is more collaborative. I’ve always been a team player and everything is better with teamwork. I listen to what my clients need and we throw some ideas to each other until we find something that sticks. That way each work is more personal of which both parties would be happy & proud of.”


We formulated and created a straightforward logo to mirror his idea of clean marketing. We have focused on highlighting his works, with our creative flair supporting it. In one of his exhibits (She For She, as seen below), we have created an Andy Warhol inspired collage of Filipino women from various fields who made a significant difference in the Philippines were highlighted.